Big Lenbo – Goatman [New Song]

Big Lenbo - Goatman [New Song]

Big Lenbo – Goatman [New Song]

Let’s be real here. The combination of hip-hop music and creepy movie vocal samples is tried in true, at least in my books. Big Lenbo‘s “Goatman” kicks things off on the right hoof, imprinting the track with a sinister aura. I mean, even the title is shared by one of the most legendary “creepypastas” in the internet ether.

Lenbo delivers on this Strange Days cut, spitting a rugged flow and spinning a rich narrative tapestry ripe with urban legend imagery. From the Jersey Devil to werewolves to the titular Goatman himself, there’s no shortage of eccentric characters in this rugged hip-hop fairy tale.

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