Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Blacc Zacc – Dracos & Choppers

Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Blacc Zacc - Dracos & Choppers

Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Blacc Zacc – Dracos & Choppers

Hoodrich Pablo Juan, the rapper Trap is remarkable for a mixtape debut named Designer Drugz who then realized a 2nd and 3rd mixtepe Designer Drugz. He also released a band called Master Sensei.

Dracos & Choppers” is one of the 6 new tracks of the duo.

Peewee Longway was featured on the song “African Diamonds” by Debuts Mixrich from Hoodrich.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan, like many of his peers in Atlanta, is an incredibly prolific artist.

In May, he launched HoodWolf, the strong track collection with inventive producer Danny Wolf, and this week he was associated with Columbia, Blacc Zacc of South Carolina, who brought together the Dirty Money Power EP. While Pablo has often opted for more futuristic textures, he chooses here a betrayal sound that uses piano and church chord progressions that approach the beginning of Gucci Mane and Zaytoven.

Blacc Zacc is the CEO of Dirty Money Entertainmet (DME), Blacc Zacc is a rising entrepreneur, with the intention of making his label a familiar name. Born Zachary Chapman in Columbia, South Carolina, Blacc Zacc grew up in Columbia Gardens where he started knocking at the age of 13. Blacc Zacc was inspired to succeed in life by my elder brother Tony,

Currently, Blacc Zacc is preparing his first album entitled Determined to do it

This comes shortly after Hoodrich teamed up with Lil Uzi Green for the remix “Zaboombafoo“, reminding us that he is open to working with a wide range of collaborators.


Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Blacc Zacc – Dracos & Choppers

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