Lil Baby – Harder Than Hard: Gangster Grillz [New Mixtape]-Free-download

Lil Baby – Harder Than Hard: Gangster Grillz [New Mixtape]

Lil Baby the multi-talented  singer has delivered his new, DJ Drama hosted mixtape Harder Than Hard: Gangster Grillz EditionBaby’s homies with Young Thug, and Jeffery‘s influence is all over this project – from the auto tuned bars, to the free-flowing melodic rhymes. Still, where Thug has somewhat deviated from the streets and embraced his inner romantic, Baby is content to hold it down in the gutter.

With guest appearances from Young Thug, Wheezy, Marlo & more, Harder Than Hard is a pleasant surprise for Lil Baby fans. The production is solid trap, and the entire project has that “mixtape feel.” Check it out , and sound off below to his latest masterpiece.

Lil Baby dropped his Harder Than Hard: Gangster Grillz Edition mixtape yesterday, and the project was for the most part solid and cohesive. Producer Quay Global made sure of that, handling the bulk of production and holding it down with a trap vibe. As far as the rhymes, Lil Baby, who has already landed co-signs from the homie Young Thug, shines on mixtape highlight “My Drip.”

Over a strangely sad beat, Baby stunts about his street prowess and penchant for sipping lean. It’s a good introductory track to the emcee, who showcases an ear for melody and singsong flow. Listen below by clicking on the free-download link below to download for free songs like A Town (Feat Marlo) (Prod. By Quay Global), My Dawg (Prod. By Quay Global), Dates (Prod. By Quay Global),
My Drip (Prod. By Quay Global), Minute (Prod. By Quay Global), Life (Prod. By HeadNod Productions), Narcs (Prod. By D Billy), Ride Or Die (Feat Marlo & Bite Da Don) (Prod. By Quay Global), Stendo (Feat 4PF DT) (Prod. By Quay Global), Large (Prod. By Wheezy),
Pink Slip (Feat Young Thug) (Prod. By Bricks Da Mane), Survive Da Motion (Prod. By D Billy.

Lil Baby – Harder Than Hard: Gangster Grillz [New Mixtape]-Free-download

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