Lil Peep – “Avoid” MP3 Download

Lil Peep – “Avoid” MP3 Download

Gustav Åhr. popularly known as Lil Peep   He is originally from Long Island, New York; but he grew up in Long Beach, New York. Lil Peep has recorded songs that were produced by DJ Smokey.

Lil Peep Notable for his digitally released projects Hellboy and Live Forever, he is a rapper whose lyrics tend to lean toward the somber topics of depression and addiction.

Lil Peep, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal & Døves link up on “Avoid.”

Lil Peep’s dominated 2017 in his own way without having to compromise anything he does. The rapper’s continued to push his unique blend of emo with hip hop and became a leader in this new subgenre.

Gustav Åhr. found placements modelling for high-end fashion companies in Italy, dropped his Come Over When You’re Sober EP and has been touring globally.

His gothboiclique have been putting in their own work as well. Today, he comes together with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal and Døves for their latest single, “Avoid.”

Avoid” maintains the continuous emo-rap sound that he’s built himself on. The three artists connect on a minimal, melancholic production by fellow gothboiclique members Smokeasac & IIVI.

The song kicks off with an acoustic guitar progression before the vocals comes in. Later on, the mood gets kicked up a notch once some trunk rattling 808 drums set it off. It’s another dope release from Lil Peep.

However, it highlights Wicca Phase Springs Eternal & Døves talents as they handle the majority of the track while Peep handles the hook. With Lil Peep having a massive year so far, the rest of gothboiclique look like they’re next up. Now Listen to Lil Peep – “Avoid” MP3 Download


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