MATT OX “Youngest Coming Up” Download Mp3

MATT OX “Youngest Coming Up” Download Mp3

Matt Ox gained viral recognition after releasing the video for “Overwhelming” earlier this year. Yesterday, it was revealed that the 12-year-old rapper MATT OX returns with his latest single. Matt Ox signed a record deal with Warner Bros., according to a report from DJ Booth. Finesse, co-owner of Ox’s management company Working on Dying,

The young phenomenon that is MATT OX took the country by storm. The young rapper first popped up on our radars with his hit single “Overwhelming” which propelled the fidget spinner craze to mainstream America.

He’s been delivering a steady stream of singles and videos since then. His work ethic and virility surrounding his name got him a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Continuing his stream of music he’s been dropping, today, he delivers his latest single “Youngest Coming Up.”

MATT OX brings his auto-tune laden voice to the microphone on “Youngest Coming Up.” It’s another single that delivers exactly what you’d expect from the 12-year-old rapper.

Considering his young age and the talks around his name, it’s hard to argue that the title of the song isn’t appropriate. It’s a short song but maintains the same infectious flow and tone that OX consistently delivers in his music. For MATT OX, this is another banger to add to his resume.


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