New Mp3 : Young Dolph – “Believe Me”

New Mp3 : Young Dolph – “Believe Me”

Young Dolph Addresses Shooting In Powerful “Believe Me

Adolph Thornton Jr. popularly known as Young Dolph in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Memphis, Tennessee by his grandmother. He has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Adolph Thornton Jr.worked exclusively with Gucci Mane on several project

Welcome To DolphWorld, propelled his career forward. He founded the record label Paper Route Empire. Young Dolph delivers a new banger off “Thinking Out Loud.”

It looks like nothing can keep Young Dolph from grinding. Not even being shot, placed in critical condition, and hospitalized. The Bulletproof rapper recently dropped a powerful new video for “Believe Me,” a track off his upcoming Thinking Out Loud album. While the song itself is a certified banger, the video paints everything in a sobering light. In fact, the entirety of the clip was filmed during Dolph’s stay in the hospital, and the rapper spends a portion of it decked out in some hospital johnnies.

The clip begins with a slow-burning and dramatic intro, in which news anchors report on Dolph’s shooting. It soon becomes evident where we are, and by the time you realize that Dolph actually shot this video while in the the hospital, he’s already going off. Dolph never stops keeping it one hundred, even when confined to a bed.

However, New Mp3 : Young Dolph – “Believe Me” provides insight into Dolph’s head space, and he seems to be emerging from the trauma with more resolve and strength than ever.



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