Skooly – Basic

Skooly – Basic

Skooly is Co-founder of the hip hop group Rich Kidz alongside Kaelub Denson (RKaelub) who released the EP YARS in 2014 through Columbia Records. Their single “My Partna Dem” peaked at #77 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

A highlight from the Atlanta rapper’s new project “BAcCWArdFeELiNgS.”

Waka Flocka Flame performed on the Rich Kidz track “My Life” from their Everybody Eat Bread mixtape. skooly down download was also a hit that thrilled his fans.

Skooly has always excelled in making bright, shiny pop-rap songs, and “Basic” is a reminder of that fact. skooly bankroll lyrics can be downloaded online.

The Dun Deal-produced track comes early in the rapper’s new project “BAcCWArdFeELiNgS,” and features a stuttering key line that challenges the rapper to come up with an inventively catchy hook. skooly album 2015 was titled Blacc Jon Gotti.

Dun Deal later adds some satisfying details including some soft focus synth sounds, and, as he loves to do, a guitar line. Meanwhile, Skooly sounds confident as ever in his own lane, proving that he’s a songwriter that deserves attention in 2017.

The new project features a few collaborations with like-minded Atlanta rappers. 2 Chainz shows up on “Swagger,” while Young Thug assists on “Stylin’.” roccsan skooly was one of his all time top songs of the year.

He explores the darker sides of ATL trap, as well as getting into dreamy R&B-influenced territory, making for an eclectic efort held together by his strong songwriting. For the most part though, it’s all Skooly, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Skooly – Basic was Produced by Dun Deal. listen to skooly new song

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