Stan Sono – Emergency

Stan Sono – Emergency

Stan Sono is a native of Chicago. He recently dropped his debut single titled Rewind, He saw a co-sign from Wiz Khalifa in the process, as well as his second single “Need It.”

Chicago singer Stan Sono returns to the scene with the new ballad “Emergency.”

Looking to capitalize off the momentum, Stan, who who also serves as ½ of the Chicago duo Goodbye Tomorrow, is getting ready to release his debut album next week called Infatuated, and today he decides to let go of another single called “Emergency.”

Co-produced by E. Dan, Fleaux, Ugly Eddie, Spanish Diego, & Stan himself, take a listen to the slow tempo, R&B ballad, and let us know what you think. Stan’s debut project, Infatuated EP, drops next Friday, March 24.


Stan Sono - Emergency

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