Last month, after voicing his displeasure with “White Iverson,” Starlito and Post Malone were involved in a back and forth on Twitter that led to both parties volleying light insults in each other’s direction.

“To me, [‘White Iverson’] was a celebration of white privilege,” Lito told XXL shortly after the public dispute. “The ‘White Iverson’ thing is very, very, very close to like… black face, to a minstrel show. And I know that might be an extreme perspective, but it is my perspective. No black rapper could make a ‘Black John Stockton.’ And maybe that speaks more to John Stockton’s appeal versus Iverson’s, and that’s a whole other argument, but I’m just saying we couldn’t categorize something traditionally over-the-top white as black. We could do a black version and parody it in good taste. But it’s a weird double standard thing that benefits from. It’s more of like a cringe thing. It doesn’t make me mad.”

Now, with his Hot Chicken project dropping July 4, Lito decides to revisit that idea and actually go through with releasing a song called “Black John Stockton.” On top of “featuring” Post, the track also boats a beat “produced” by Russ. Listen below courtesy soundcloud.



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