Tim Gent – Mosaic

Tim Gent – Mosaic

The Clarksville rapper, Tim Gent, comes with the A.B. Produced banger “Mosaic“, and if you slept on the guy, this could very well be awakening.

During a rhythm driven by the piano, Tim Gent enters with an enormous flow of flux. Gent does not come exactly for radio with this one, but his mixture of lyricism, flow, charisma and modern production is refreshing in the middle of a sea of autotune.

The emcee of Tennessee knows popularly, Tim Gent has a style that is declined as naturally.

He recently released his new 16-track project, Clarksville Nights, undeniably hip-hop, while paying tribute to the sounds and influences of his hometown. The project is divided into three acts and features a production of Free P, HD and Rmur.

Singer / rapper Tim Gent of Tennessee is back with a new drug project in the form of Rumor Has It.

If you’re new to Tim Gent, you should check out his latest two projects, The Love & Rumor Has It.

Give a listening above and enjoy!

Tim Gent – Mosaic

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