Ugly God – Like A Maverick[New]

Ugly God - Like A Maverick [New]

Ugly God – Like A Maverick [New]

Finally, Ugly God Drops a new song titled “Like A Maverick”, Ugly God is a rapper and producer who broke out during the second half of the 2010s. Born in Indiana, he lived in D Other parts of the Midwest, as well as the South, including Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. The music and casting producer became famous by sharing his original music via SoundCloud.

HM Surf provides the keys and driving drums that place it in the same category as the rest of the album while adding a slightly warmer touch. As a result it can be a good entry point for those who may be a little overwhelmed by the spontaneous style and ready for the same UG done so well.

Many of his most popular songs on the music sharing site, such as “Water” and “FTBT”, have earned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of plays.When we discuss traditional hip-hop trails potentially resistant to his unusual personality, he admits that he “honestly could not get fucked,” and he chose to remain an underground rapper because “people shaped the Traditional artists to be what they are. They are not as honest with what they say.


Ugly God – Like A Maverick [New]

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